Foggy Mountain Love

 The last blog post I actually completed was in 2016. That is hard to believe. I guess my life has been a bit busier than I thought. I have been doing a ton of shooting, I just haven’t stopped to actually blog much.

Now that my style is somewhat shifting, I figured I better update my blogs a little bit and start showing off the newer photos! Towards the end of last year, I took off up to the smoky mountains with Brock and Krystle. I really do not need to use words to explain how simple it was to capture their hearts. You can see it in the photos for yourself.

I love getting to explore these woods with couples and capture their love among the trees and rocks. Couples that are in tune with each other’s souls are those that truly pour positive energy back into our world. Their love and happiness radiates to affect all those around them.


Until next time.

Taylor Willoughby


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An Intimate Affair

Woah, what a crazy and wonderful year it was been thus far.

I have had so much going on in my life the past year and it certainly caused this whole blogging my shoots to come to quite a halt. I decided to take on a teaching position and while I loved the staff and the children, I really wanted to see where I could take my business. Teaching and photography are both jobs that require constant work, therefore I was basically working and putting everything else in my life on the backburner. I am planning to still dip my toes in the education water because let’s face it, our youth need all the love they can get. However, I am planning on focusing primarily on photography.

So there was that, not to mention, I got married, y’all! Yeah, that happened and it was the most magical two days of my life. You heard it right, two days. If I have any advice to offer to a soon to be bride, it’s stretch it out to make it less stressful. We did the ceremony on one day and the reception the next. It. Was. Perfect. I mean just look at this beautiful shot taken by Jameykay & Arlie Photography. Not to mention how amazing Ali Lawless did on my make up and Wildflower Bridal for putting me in the most extraordinary dress!

We took three weeks and went road tripin’ across the country. It was something I still can’t wrap my head around. We really got to experience some incredible things. Here are just a few of the shots I took along the way!

Now we are home for awhile and I am really jumping to this photography thing. I have been booking up so quickly and it really excites me for what lies ahead. I recently had the opportunity to photography a beautiful intimate wedding at Palmer’s Chapel in Cataloochee Valley. I am so grateful to Kaleb and Emily for letting me in on their special day. I adore shooting your average wedding, but being able to spend time with such a small group of people really stands out. I was able to meet and speak with everyone in attendance and truly felt like part of the fam once I left. This was a wedding packed tightly with love and emotions, so I hope you enjoy as much as I did!


This was such a magical wedding to be a part of and I know these two have many happy years ahead of them. It was funny, it was pouring (and I mean torrential downpour) minutes before the ceremony and these two just took it like nothing. They were both so calm and collected. The day turned out to be perfect and they are the kind of couple that when things do go a little off, they will find comfort in one other to push on.


Taylor Boyd

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