You’re the Apple of my Eye

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a couple up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Shooting up there is always an incredible time. Chase and Kailey pretty much let me decide where to go and up we went. It was a magical foggy afternoon after the rain, which made for awesome ambiance.

Kailey and I actually used to play clarinet together in high school (oh yes, I was one of those band kids), so it was wonderful getting to catch up with her and meet her fiance. She actually went to Wilmington after high school and then brought Chase back to the mountains with her.

I loved watching them interact with each other. It was seriously the most lovable thing ever.

They basically have the perfect mixture of love and laughter.


Yeah, they are a pretty rockin’ couple.

Stay dry on this rainy April day.

Sit back and have a coffee or tea and think about how beautiful this place will be after all this rain.

Till next time.

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